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What if your skin care was based on the natural intelligence of your own skin cells?

Our body has a wonderful ability to heal itself and that is one of the most important functions of our body. But sometimes we lose our balance. Healing power of nature is much more than just some folk wisdom. Berrichi uses pure nature and your skin’s own ability to fight against signs of aging.

Help your skin with self-healing
Redeem skin’s natural balance
Slow your aging process

Berrichi awakens your skin's intelligence

The need

The idea for Berrichi natural skin care originates from Berit Joosep’s own skin problems. Dry and allergic skin and inflammation forced her to look for alternatives to over-the-counter cosmetic products.


She started looking for help from pure nature, and began mixing creams in her home kitchen. The inspiration came from herbal medicine books and her grandmother’s wisdom. After a trip to Bali, Berit dicovered the world of algae.


Berits’ passion for natural skin care and algae brought her together with scientists – the power of algae and super-oils turned into a cream after two years of research. The ingredients have been studied and tested, scientifically proven.


The key ingredients of the creams, algae and super-oils, form a perfect combination of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Berrichis products are unique and really effective. They awaken the body’s natural ability to regenerate and heal – nourishing, restoring and moisturizing the skin deeply. This results in a vibrant complexion and texture, natural skin elasticity and protection.

Berrichi was born & ready to awaken Your skin!

The name

The name of Berrichi is made up of Berits’ nickname “berri” and the word “chi”. Chi stands for life energy and soul – Berrichi awakens your skin’s natural ability to regenerate, activates your skin’s own chi.